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Good-Bye Matt Smith


And now we say good-bye. To our raggedy man. The man who stole our hearts. Thank you Matt Smith for being my Doctor. I don’t think I’ve cried harder during a regeneration of a Doctor

Good bye Raggedy Man

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When you see your friend talking to their crush


That moment that Clara is the voice of the entire Doctor Who fandom

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Raggedy Man, goodbye ♥
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shit, so emotional, you crossed my heart Matt
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First Day of 11:What do you love about Matt as the Doctor ?I love the way he is that mad men, that man who seems so young but is so old and I just love his bowties and as every Doctor he has his beautiful catchphrases…."I think he was born to play the Doctor"- Karen Gillan


To grow attached to a Doctor…Some of us don’t. Some take years. Some take just a few episodes. Some need a very intense moment. And there are those who take seconds. So please respect each whovian time. As the Doctor regenerates, so do we. We change, we adapt. To the new person playing one of our favourite characters (if not the favourite). Don’t push it or say we need to just accept it. We’re all different, and that’s what makes our fandom beautiful.